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Hey, Crackers.  In this article, we prepared basic to advance full tutorial of Nmap tool. Nmap tool is the primary need for a hacker if he wants to hack a system.

What is Nmap?

Nmap is an advanced Network scanner tool. This tool is categorized in Kali Linux as an information gathering tool. Nmap tool is used to scan different kind of Networks, Ip address, domain server etc. As a result, you can get useful information about that Network like port details, OS detection, Host discovery, Network analysis and many more. Nmap has both CLI and GUI interface. Zenmap is the GUI version of Nmap. To open Zenmap, simply go to Application> Information gathering tool> Zenmap. To open the CLI, type Nmap in the terminal.

In this tutorial, we're gonna cover all the basic and advanced Nmap commands.

Target Specification commands

Let's start with Target specification command. If you want to scan a single IP address. Simply type the command

nmap 'target IP address' (ex: nmap

Or, if you want to scan multiple IP addresses, just type

nmap 'target ip address' 'target ip address'

To scan a range of IP address, type the command

nmap 'target IP address' -254

This process will start from 1-254. So, it will take time to complete the scan.

Let's see how to use Nmap tool to scan with CIDR notation. Type the command

nmap 'target ip address'/24

To scan a targeted list of IP addresses.

Open leafpad and create a list of IP addresses. Type the IP addresses one by one and save the list as target.txt.

Nmap- Basic To Advance Network Scanning Tutorial-crackitdown

Now open the Nmap in the terminal and type the command

nmap -iL /'file path'      (ex: nmap -iL /root/desktop/target.txt)

It will show up the result of each IP address.

Network scanning commands:

Nmap also uses some scan techniques like TCP port scan, UDP port scan, TCP window port scan etc.

To scan TCP port in default mode. Type the command

nmap 'target ip address' -sS             (ex: nmap -sS)

This one will show up the scan result of TCP port.

To scan TCP port without root privilege type the command

nmap 'target ip address' -sT

To scan UDP port type the command

nmap 'target ip address' -sU

To scan TCP ARP port type the command

nmap 'target ip address' -sA

To scan Window port type the command

nmap 'target ip address' -sW

To my more scan type the command

nmap 'target ip address' -sM

Those are the commands for scanning Network.

Host discovery commands:

For host discovery of a targeted IP address type the command

nmap 'target ip address' -sn

Service & Version detection command:

To detect running services and version type the command

nmap 'target ip address' -sV -p'port number(ex: nmap -p21)

In the 'port number' put the number of the port you want to scan.

OS detection command:

To detect OS that installed in specific IP address type the command

nmap 'target ip address' -A

Remote OS detection command:

To detct the OS installed in a targeted IP address type the command

nmap 'target ip' -O

So these are the commands you can use in the Nmap. These commands will help you to use Nmap like a pro. If you're facing any problem feel free to comment us. Our team is always here for you. 
Use all commands without inverted commas.


This tutorial is only for educational purpose. Don't try it on your neighbor's local server or other networks. Practice it on your own local server. Hacking a system without the owner's permission is purely illegal. We're not responsible for any kind of damage.

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