Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Howdy crackers? IKE Scan is the number 4th tool used for information gathering. You will find it in the information Gathering section in Kali Linux

Here we are discussing the Information  Gathering Tools serially found on Kali Linux that comes pre-installed. If you didn't read the previous article of the first tool go the page resource and read How To Use Dmitry- Kali Linux- Information Gathering Tool.

What is IKE Scan?

IKE Scan tool is not so popular tool, but it is popular among pro users and pen-testers. It is available for both Windows and Linux. It is an open source project available for free on the internet. You can also modify and develop it under the  GPL license.

IKE(Internet  Key  Exchange) Scan is used to discover IKE hosts and also fingerprints them using the re-transmission backoff pattern. IKE Scan discovers the hosts running by IKE. IKE scan sends requests to the IKE and shows the hosts who responded to the request from IKE.

It also does Fingerprinting that means it determines the implementation used by the IKE hosts. There are several ways to do this but mainly it uses re-transmission backoff pattern.

How To Use IKE Scan

Fire up your Kali Linux, open up the terminal and type ike-scan and hit enter to get the interface of the tool.

scan target host-IKE scan-Kali Linux-crackitdown

You can specify the hosts by their IP address or names. To do that simply use the command ike-scan Replace the IP address with your target host.

To specify all hosts together in a given network use the format IPNetwork/bits(ex: It will scan all the hosts of a given network.

To scan hosts in a target range, use the format IPstart- IPend(

You can also use the --file command to specify a file where the all hosts are saved.

How IKE Scan can be Taken in Use

We use IOT search engines to find the devices running IKE server. Here we are using Shodan search engine which is very popular and very powerful. We got some IP address from the search results and picking the 1st IP address to do the test.

scan target host-IKE scan-Kali Linux-crackitdown

Now we will start the IKE Scan tool scan the IP address that we have picked up. To scan Hosts we use them command ike-scan the ip address which scans the hosts to know about their IKE sever.
scan target host-IKE scan-Kali Linux-crackitdown

It has shown the result. We can't share the IP we scanned with you because probably it can be considered illegal. If it using IKE server you will get the possible report from IKE-Scan.


We are not sure about the law for scanning hosts for IKE server. Please read the law of your country and use the tool at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage caused by illegal activity or misuse of the tool. The tutorial is only for educational purposes.

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