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KaliTorify: Setup A Transparent Proxy  Through Tor in Kali Linux

Who doesn't want to get rid of VPN services that have no respect for privacy, right?

Well, that's what KaliTorify exactly offers to you. KaliTorify is basically a shell script available on Github that uses IP Tables to create a transparent proxy through Tor.

There are lots of anonymization tools available on the web such as proxychains, Anonsurf, etc. and all of them use Tor relay. The reason that we are talking about  KaliTorify is, it is another great tool that has different ways of going about it.

KaliTorify strictly says that all traffic of your Kali Linux OS will be redirected through Tor. It also offers comparatively strong DNS leak protection. Basically, KaliTorify protects you by transparent torrification using IPTables against accidental connections and DNS leaking. This is pretty much the biggest issue that a lot of people have with anonymization and it seems this tool can fix it.

Initiating The Installation of KaliTorify

First of all fire up your Kali Linux machine and open up your terminal and clone the tool from Github by using the commands-

cd  Desktop/

It is recommended to update your repository before proceeding to the installation. Now, change the directory to KaliTorify. Run the executable named with kalitorify.sh and if you are a root user and you don't have root permission make sure that you have granted permission by the command chmod +x kalitorify.sh.

Before running the script, we need to run the Makefile create the path for the tool by the command-

sudo make install

KaliTorify: Setup A Transparent Proxy  Through Tor in Kali Linux

Now you have successfully configured the tool with Kali Linux.

Run The Kalitorify Script

Make sure you have tor service installed in your machine and if you don't install it by using the command apt-get install tor and after completing the installation run the tor service by the command service tor start.

Now run the script along with the help command-

./kalitorify.sh --help
KaliTorify: Setup A Transparent Proxy  Through Tor in Kali Linux

This command will show you the options you can use in the tool. Now run the service by the command-

./kalitorify.sh --tor
KaliTorify: Setup A Transparent Proxy  Through Tor in Kali Linux

It will start the script and will start all the necessary services. Here we got our new Public IP address. You can restart the services to get a new IP by the command ./kalitorify.sh -restart.

Check for DNS Leak

Now we need to check if there are any DNS leaks or not. We can take the DNSLeakTest.com in use for this purpose.
KaliTorify: Setup A Transparent Proxy  Through Tor in Kali Linux

The test is completed and it showed the detected DNS and it doesn't look like our primary DNS. That means we're safe from DNS leak.


This the charm of the tool that it redirects all the traffic through tor and gives you the facility to use any Linux tool anonymously. The look a little familiar to you because it was made with the inspiration from Anonsurf and its configuration is pretty much the same with Anonsurf.

As the tool is in development, it has some issues. If you detect any issue, inform the author of the tool.

Also check out the Noisy tool, which can hide the browsing data from Network surveillance by generating random traffic.

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