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Using a Keylogger to log credentials is better than using a RAT(Remote Administrator). The reason behind that is, RATs have a lot of functions and some of them may look suspicious to victims even if they silently run in the background.

This is the reason that if we only need credentials, why don’t we install only a Keylogger? There are a lot of open-source Keyloggers on the internet and also paid versions with GUI.

Beelogger maybe one of the best open-source Keyloggers who send logs to E-mail. But here we are not going to talk about Beelogger, we are going to talk about HatKey.

HatKey is a simple powerful Keylogger made to work through PowerShell on Windows. If you want to use a Keylogger on a Machine for a while and silently switch it off after the work done without letting the victim know about any suspicious activity then it is the best open-source tool for you.

The best thing about HatKey is, it is fully undetectable. 

Let’s get into the tutorial on how we can configure it on Kali Linux.

Configure HatKey on Kali Linux

Fire up your Kali Linux Machine, change the directory to the Desktop, download Hatkey from the link given at the end.
Now change the directory to the HatKey folder and expand it. Here you can see the HatKey.py script. Run the script by the command-
python HatKey.py
Now we have to set the host and port for the Keylogger. To see the default settings type the command ‘show. It will show you the host and port already set to.
HatKey | The Best FUD Keylogger Powershell of 2019


Now its time to set the host and port. As we are going to use it on our LAN we are taking the localhost but if you want to use it over WAN, use your static Public IP address and forward any unused port. We are going to use the ‘set‘ command to set the host and port.
set host
set port
The port is by default set to 8080 and it is okay as we are on LAN. Now run the Keylogger by the command-
HatKey | The Best FUD Keylogger Powershell of 2019


The tool has generated some lines of shellcodes. Copy the codes and paste them in a text file and name it with any name you want with .bat extension at the end as shown in the screenshot.
HatKey | The Best FUD Keylogger Powershell of 2019


Now send the Batch file to the victim. As the victim clicks on the batch file it will connect with the client that is you. You will see the message “Agent connected” with the IP address of the victim.
HatKey | The Best FUD Keylogger Powershell of 2019


Congrats! you have successfully compromised the victim’s system. The logs will be saved in an Output folder automatically created in the HatKey folder.

HatKey | The Best FUD Keylogger Powershell of 2019

Download HatKey from DropBox. The link is given below.


These tools are the best solution if you want to use open source tools to compromise systems. Obviously, it is not recommended to harm anyone for illegal purposes.
Someone said that “if you have an unknown Batch file downloaded, definitely it is a virus”. So this tutorial is only to raise security awareness so that the common people can’t be hacked by simple methods.
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