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Manas Lahon & His Team( Author/ Founder)

Hello, Crackers. Do you know what cracking means actually in the field of ethical hacking? No? Okay, the people who don't create any software or system but they are expert in cracking them, those people are called crackers. But in this blog crackers means those who love to crack challenges and knowledge. We all know that the new ultramodern world of technology is becoming harder and harder these days but don't worry, we are crackers and we'll crack all these knowledge. Nobody can hide the knowledge from us. So loving crackers, support us like this. We can make this blog as an " Ethical Hacking Learners Field". We've started this blog because we want to make every people know about hacking. How hackers hack. If they don`t know anything about hacking then how can they stay safe? Our primary motive is to teach people something, something new that they don`t know. How this blog can help you to learn something new? In this blog, there is every article is not on ethical hacking. Here you can find articles to know advanced/basics of computer, which are very necessary to know.

The Team

Manash Lahon
Chief Editor

Chief Editor of the blog. Completed ECE (Electronics & Communication) in 2018. He is from India. He is not a certified ethical hacker but he has enough knowledge to teach beginners. He left his job to build the blog. He said, "I am happy with my work and I always love to teach people."

Pulin Deori


Co-Editor of the blog. Works with Manas Lahon. He has a good knowledge of ethical hacking. He is from India. He recently completed his study in ECE(Electronics & Communication) Engineering. He loves traveling different places. He also left his job to contribute to the blog. He has a big hand on this blog.

Crack it Down Blog Mission

This is funny but we named the blog`s motive as a mission. So, the success of our mission depends on you(reader) bro. We want to share this blog in a way that every single person who is interested in such things but they don`t know where they should start can get an idea. This will be very helpful for both us and readers.  Again, thank you for visiting our blog.

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